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Hall of Fame

Oakland City University Intercollegiate Athletic Hall of Fame

Established in 1992, by the OCU Department of Athletics, in cooperation with the Alumni
Association, the Oakland City University Intercollegiate Athletic Hall of Fame’s purpose is to
recognize and honor those individuals who have made exceptional contributions to the achievements and the prestige of Oakland City University, in the field of athletics, and who have continued to demonstrate, in their lives, the values imported by intercollegiate athletics.

Categories of Membership
Former Athletes
Former and Present Coaches and Administrators

Requirements of Memberships

Former Athletes
Recipient of at least one letter award
Ten years since graduation of his/her class, as determined by date of matriculation, plus four years
Outstanding achievement in intercollegiate athletics
Must be a holder of an undergraduate baccalaureate degree from Oakland City College/University

Former and Present Coaches and Administrators
Tenure of at least five years in the department of athletics
Outstanding contribution to the OCC/OCU athletic program

Made in recognition of truly exceptional contributions and service to the athletic program
Any former athlete, coach or administrator who is elected to any state’s Hall of Fame in any sport shall be automatically eligible for induction into OCU’s Intercollegiate Hall of Fame

Pioneer Era: 1895-1975 - Those competing in the period from the inception of intercollegiate athletics at Oakland City College/University through the year 40 years previous to the
current year. Each year, the Pioneer Class will advance one year.
Contemporary Era: 1975-2015 - Comprised of athletes competing in the last 40 years,
advancing one year with each year.

Members of the Hall of Fame
-Class of 1993 - Charter Class-
Edgar Baum
C. Eugene Cato - 1952
Delbert Disler
Phil N. Eskew - 1929
Paul Johnson
Phillip L. Johnson
Herman Keller - 1927
Sam Kelley
Vernon McKown
Mike Poehlein - 1961
Ed Raber
Jerry Reynolds - 1965
Rebecca Ditzer Sparks

-Class of 1994-
Charles McConnell
Brooks C. Pinnick

-Class of 1995-
Kim Bilskie
Ivan Hollen
Bill Spradley

-Class of 1996-
Charles Brauser
Larry Harris
Howard Vire

-Class of 1997-
Roger F. Davis

-Class of 1998-
Nicholas L. Goble

-Class of 1999-
Raymond Kell
Brian Wahl

-Class of 2000-
Richard Lankford
Ray Roesner

-Class of 2001-
Dalonda Newton Hayes

-Class of 2003-
Joe Todrank

-Class of 2004-
Jerry Aigner

-Class of 2006-
Jim Haaf

-Class of 2007-
Mitch Haskins
Mike Sandifar

-Class of 2008-
Patti Buchta

-Class of 2009-
James Powell
Gary Duncan
George Fleming
Willis Simpson

-Class of 2010-
Krystal Kearby Kunkel
Stuart Love
Gary Orth

-Class of 2011-
Brad Wibbeler

-Class of 2012-
Brian Welp - 2002

-Class of 2013-
Tommy Ray Fletcher II - 1995
Lisha Fair Portee - 2000

-Class of 2014-
Kenneth "Tot" Nelson - 1948
Amy Belden Meyer - 2003

-Class of 2015-
Gordon Barnett - 1961
Paul Crawford - 1965
Marshall Mason - 1969
Bennie Edwards - 1975

-Class of 2016-
Paul Decker- 1998