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Athletic Activities


Oakland City University is a Christian faith-based learning community dedicated to the enhancement of intellectual, spiritual, physical and social development for positive leadership.


Campus Life and its intramural program equally support and without equivocation uphold the lofty ideals contained in the OCU mission statement. The goal of the intramural program at OCU is to engage and interact with Oakland City University's community body through a variety of recreational activities in the hopes of assisting that body in propagating a healthy integrity that will be both beneficial and instrumental in their future.


Director……..…………………………………………………………………….Corey Atkins


Corey Atkins
119 Bower-Suhrheinrich Student Life Center…………………………………...…812-749-1454
Office hours:  12:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m. (Monday – Friday)


  1. Each intramural team must be represented by a team captain. The captain is liable for his or her team’s etiquette, while participating in the designated activity.   Any and all questions pertaining to a specified activity will be addressed directly to the Intramural Director via team captain.
  2. For those wishing to participate in the intramural program, each individual must complete a personal injury release form and an individual information form prior to the desired activity.
  3. Throughout the designated school year, eligibility of an individual may be questioned.  If that individual in question is found ineligible for participation, adjustment of the game’s outcome will not occur.  However, if the transgressor is a participant in a single elimination event then the infringed body will advance accordingly.
  4. Those wishing to participate in an intramural activity may only participate on one given team.  Infraction of this guideline will result in the teams immediate forfeiting of the contest in which the transgressor participated.  Also teams violating this guideline will forfeit the rest of the current season/ tournament and forfeit their playoff berth.
  5. Those individuals participating under an assumed name will be suspended from all intramural activities for the rest of the semester.  Team Captains will also be penalized for the individual’s infraction.  Penalties may include suspension from one or more games.  Penalties may also include denial of a playoff berth. 
  6. All team names must appear on the designated intramural activity form and approved by the intramural director.  All team names must be designated appropriate prior to participation.  Included on the form are spaces for team rosters, student’s identification number, and team captain’s signature. 
  7. Teams wishing to add or drop players from their pre-registered rosters must do so in the intramural director’s office (SLC 119).  No modifications to the rosters may be done after the designated date for each activity.     
    1. Individuals participating in a given intramural activity may not transfer from one team to another.  The only exception to this rule will be during the intramural basketball season.  Trades will be allowed if done prior to the second half of the basketball season (2nd Semester).  All trades must be pre-approved through the intramural director (Corey Atkins).
  8. Oakland City University athletes will not be permitted to compete in intramural activities in which they are currently participating.
  9. Men and women are eligible to participate in all activities, unless the activity is gender-specific. 


The purpose of including faculty and staff in the intramural program is to maximize rapport between students and faculty/staff here on campus.  Their inclusion in functions also helps to alleviate retention levels that maybe present in the student body. 

  1. All Oakland City University employees are eligible to participate in the intramural program.
  2. Faculty and staff teams must comply with all rules the student lead teams are subject.  For further information, review the following link:  Link to Student Guidelines.  
  3. Teams made up of both students and faculty/staff may not include more than three faculty or staff members, unless the team is interiorly made up of faculty/staff.


  1. All intramural activities are to commence on the date and time in which it was designated to occur.  Failure to do so will result in the individual’s or team’s forfeit of the match.  Each individual or team will be allowed a five minute grace period before having to forfeit their match. 
  2. If the opponent of the forfeiting body vacates the premises prior to the declaration of the forfeit, than they too will be assigned a forfeit.    
  3. School cancelations and weather delays will not result the individual’s or team’s forfeiting of a match and will be made up at a later date. 


All Oakland City University students and family members are welcome to attend intramural activities, but must comply with the institute’s bylaws and conduct policies.  For further information on Oakland City University bylaws and conduct policies, please see the student handbook or refer to the Student Handbook.  Those not conducting themselves in the proper manner will be asked to vacate the premises.  Repeat offenders will be banned from all intramural functions for the rest of the school year. 


  1. All participants must conduct themselves in a civil manner, both during and after the scheduled match.   
  2. Improper usage of language, such as profanity and verbal abuse of one’s peers, will not be tolerated.  The first offence, a warning will be issued.  The second offence will result in one’s immediate expulsion of both the event and season/tournament.   
  3. Ejected individuals are to leave the premises immediately.  Failure to comply will result in their team’s forfeiture of the current contest and the next. 
  4. Reinstatement of ejected individuals into the intramural program will not occur until the following school year.  
  5. Individuals striking participants, officials, and/or spectators will be expelled from the intramural program permanently.  These individuals will also be referred to the administration for further disciplinary actions.     


Individuals or teams participating in the intramural program and win their activity will be awarded championship T-shirts and/or a gift card. 


All individuals wishing to participate in the intramural program must first sign a personal injury release form before partaking in any intramural activity.  The Campus Life and intramural staff would also like to remind individuals to be aware of his/her own physical limitation and to be good stewards of his/her body. 


Activities involving teams must choose a team captain.  Designated team captains will be an intermediary between his or her team and the intramural director. 

  1. Team captains are responsible for his or her team’s comprehension of tournament and season rules and regulations.  Intramural rules and regulations for the designated event will be given directly to the team’s captain upon the completion of both the personal injury release forms and the team registration form. 
  2. Team captains are to inform players that they are responsible for any and all injuries that may occur while participating in an intramural activity.  It is the team captain’s responsibility to have an emergency contact number ready for each and every player on his or her team when needed.
  3. It is the team captain’s obligation to inform his or her players of time changes, locations, and other material that is relevant to their participation. 
  4. Team captains are responsible for their team’s conduct before, during, and after a contest.  If there is an expulsion of a player, the team’s captain is to report to the intramural director’s office the following day to discuss what transpired. 


Career Services to Host Organization Day 2012
2012-08-14 13:00:49

The Oakland City University Office of Career Services and Campus Life  will be holding their annual Organization Day event on August 29th, 2012 from 9am - 2pm in the main hallways of the Student Life Center.

The event is open to all OCU students and features area businesses and churches, as well as OCU clubs and organizations.

Download a flyer.